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Kartell Comback - Hazelnut-Oak Stained Ashwood Chair


Kartell Comback - Hazelnut-Oak Stained Ashwood Chair

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Comback - Hazelnut-Oak Stained Ashwood Chair

Kartell has fun revisiting a great classic and gives a new look to the Windsor chair A return to the glorious past of England in the XVIIIth century for a "Comb Back" version of the chair with an opaque texture featuring a backrest consisting of seven "teeth" which spread out towards the lumbar region where they meet a reinforced hexagonal rim with slim shafts radiating down to join the seat. A goodly size, this single mould chair embodies functionality and ergonomics well-freighted with sentiment and memories. The use of plastic and the use of pastel colours on offer give a touch of lightness and the contemporary to the Comback chair. The Comback comes in several modernised versions – the “swivel” model with four spokes and a central swivel shaft and the “sled” with two slim tubular sides. Details :

Details :
  • Size (W x D x H) : 58 x 50 x 100 cm
  • Shell : coloured modified polyproplylene
  • Four Legs : Oak-Stained Ashwood
  • Designer : Patricia Urquiola
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