BesQ Bottled Water Dispenser (Hot and Cold)


₱ 7,350.00

₱ 9,800.00



₱ 500.00   within Metro Manila

   • Dimension (H x D x W): 540 x 340 x 335mm
   Net weight: 18 kgs
   Cold and Hot tank material: STS 304
   Cold tank capacity: 4 liters
   Cooling: Forced cooling type
   Condenser: Wire type
Cold temperature control: thermostat
   • Cold water temperature: 4-12°C
   Compressor: 1/10 HP Seated Type
   Refrigerant: R-134a CFC
   Motor Power Consumption: 90W
   Hot tank capacity: 2 liters
   Heater type: Band- heater
   Hot temperature control: Bi-Metal
   Hot water temperature:
   • Heater power consumption: 430W

If the unit has not been used in a long period of time (ex. nigh time), the cold water may turn into luke warm temperature. To avoid this from happening, please see below options:
1. Adjust the cold temperature thermostat at the back of the unit to the coldest temperature"-".
2. Switch the hot water heater OFF when not in use. (the time to heat the water is approximately 25 minutes)

If the unit is unplugged, it will only produce room temperature water.
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