Besq Bidet SM-100 Deluxe


₱ 2,100.00

₱ 2,800.00



₱ 300.00   within Metro Manila

Smart Bidet SM-100 Deluxe
New Concept in Personal Hygiene

Small but Smart!!!
A Compact Bidet Developed as a DIY product for easy installation and application
to toilets of all shapes and sizes.

The Bidet efficiently and hygienically cleanses areas and parts of the body where
the toilet paper cannot. The massaging effect can be realized by altering the water
pressure which in turn will stimulate the anal area promoting blood circulation. It is
also a more hygienic alternative to women with menstruation or during pregnancy.

Advantage :
 • No need electricity
 • Easy to clean - use only neutral detergent and soft cloth when cleaning the unit;
   when nozzle is clogged, use a small brush (toothbrush) to clean the nozzle
 • Cost cutting - save water.
 • Simple Installation.
 • One-touch adjustment of water pressure.

NOTE : Only available for regular seat and cover.
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