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SYR POU 4-in-1 Backwash Filter


4-in-1 Backwash Filter

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Purest and clearest potable water : The first 4-in-1 backwash filter
SYR brings back a sense of safety in drinking and cooking : with the SYR POU, the first top performance backwash filter for potable water. The new SYR (POU) combines all elements in a single device for a reliable, affordable and uncomplicated potable water treatment.
SYR filter can be backwashed manually which removes the filtered particles and requires only a small backwash water quantity

Features :
  • Under sink installation
  • 4-in-1 protection in a single device for a better tasting water
       1st Stage : Pre-sediment Filter - Filtration of solid sediments and grains
       2nd Stage : Sediment Filter (Stainless Steel Strainer) - Filtration of smaller sediments and dirt particles
       3rd Stage : Activated Carbon Filter - Removes odor and taste substances, petroleum-derived hydrocarbons (gasoline and diesel oil),
                        halogenated organic hydrocarbon (CFC & methane), chlorine, heavy metals (chromium copper, zinc, lead) and reduces
                        phenols (fecal matters). It also prevents the turbidity of the water.
       4th Stage : Polypropylene Filter (Anti-bacterial) - Removes micro-organisms up to 0.15 micron
  • Space-saving and easy to install - directly at the Point Of Use
  • Manual backwash - removes accumulated dirt particles in the filter

Technical specifications :
  • Inlet pressure : min. 2 bar, max. 10 bar
  • Operating temperature max .30°C
  • Medium : potable water
  • Nominal flow rate : 200 liters / h at DP 1.0 bar
  • Capacity : 7500 liters(est.) the lifetime of the filter depends on the quality of water
  • Optional : Install a pre-filter to increase the lifetime of the cartridge
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