Stiebel Eltron IJ35E


IJ35E unit has a built-in Air (oxygen) injection shower system that will suck in fresh air and inject it into the shower stream, producing tiny packets of oxgenized bubbles that give an invigorating, healthy and more refreshing splash

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Instantaneous Water Heater Direct Shower Use (Electrically Controlled)

 • Automatic protection from overheating
 • Maintenance free copper tank
 • ELSD-protection against electricity leakage
 • Splash proof (IP25)
 • Aerojet saves energy and gives a frizzling splash
 • 5-in-1 Chrome handspray Exact and easy temperature control


Type  IJ35E
Product Code  222290
Tank Capacity  0.45 l
Loading  3.5 Kw
Electrical Connections  220V-240V
Pipe Connection  1/2"
Dimension (H x W x D)  35 x 21 x 9.6 cm
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