Mitsubishi Jet Towel Mini Hand Dryer


₱ 12,500.00

₱ 16,666.67


Compact body, Yet powerful and user friendly. Installation is simple and easy - Fit anywhere.

JT-MC206GS Specification :

Power Supply Mode Heater Drying Time
Airflow Rate
Air Volume
Rated Current
 220-240V High ON 13-15 140-150 12-13


OFF 390-455
LOW ON 24-27 190-100 0.8=0.9 475-560
OFF 175-220

Standby Power
Motor Type External
Dimension (mm)
Weight (Kg) Drain Tank (L)
0.5 62-64 Commutator
Width : 250
Depth : 170
Height : 480
5 0.6

Features : 

Compact yet spacious and easy to use

Spacious hand-drying zone
The hand-drying section is wide for easy use by people with large hands.Hygienic touch-free operation enables drying hands up as far as the wrists without touching the unit.

Range sensor and blue LED indicator adopted for comfortable drying
A blue light indicates the hand-drying section when hands are inserted, contributing to ease of use.

Easy to clean
and hygienic

Integrated unit ensures simple maintenance
The one-piece design with the sensor window integrated into the hand-drying section and minimal joints in the body prevents the accumulation of grime and is quick and easy to clean.

Antimicribial treatment / Alcohol-resistant resin
All parts that come in contact with water, such as the hand-drying section drain tank anf draqin ducts, have been treated with an antimicrobial agent and an alcohol-resistant resin has been adopted for enhanced hygiene
Independent air-duct system
The intake-air duct and airflow route are isolated from water drainage route to ensure that only fresh air, void of any residual water droplets,is blown over the hands.

Exceptional Low
Noise Operation
and energy savings

Comfortable low-noise operation
High-speed drying and low-noise operation have been simultaneously achieved using an advanced wave-shaped nozzle and innovative flow control technology.

Multipurpose operation mode selection
Choose from two operation modes selectable using the power control
switch(easily set using LED display). Operational parts are installed in the body and a lock function is incorporated to prevent tampering
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