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Tile Adhesives, Grouts & Additives

Tile Adhesives, Grouts & Additives

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Mapei Keracolor FF - Big...
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Mapei Keracolor FF - Big Packing 20 kgs.

Regular price Price PHP1,250.00

Keracolor Fine Grains
FF : Special Cement Grout for 0 to 6mm Ceramic Tile Joints
Used as grouting walls and floors in ceramic tiles of every type, Glass mosaic, natural stone up to a maximum joint width of 6mm

Mapei Kerapoxy - 5 kgs.
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Mapei Kerapoxy - 5 kgs.

Regular price Price PHP2,900.00

Kerapoxy - 2 component acid resistant epoxy grout for jointing all types of ceramic tiles.
Kerapoxy is used to grout ceramic tile walls and floors with joints from 3 to 10 mm, that
are subject to heavy traffic or where a high chemical resistance is required.