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Multibox Storage Cabinet

Multibox Storage Cabinet

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Steel Plastic S514 Multibox...
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Steel Plastic S514 Multibox with...

Regular price PHP6,901.33
Price PHP5,176.00

Wall-mount and self-standing display stands,
made of RAL 7035 grey epoxy power-painted elecro welded sheet.
For modular Multibox drawer storage cabinets.
• For wall mount, the base can be taken out.

Steel Plastic SL602...
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Steel Plastic SL602 Multisistem...

Regular price PHP174,964.00
Price PHP131,223.00

Cabinets made of electro welded sheet and reinforcement bars,
features panels silding on roller bearings;
RAL 7035 grey epoxy power-painted.
The cabinet has been designed in a way
that facilitates the assemblyon site.
The product is supplied disassembled, with the
installation schematic drawing and screws.