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Caracole Classic - To be Veneer You Bed Frame and Glow in the Dark Bedside Table

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04249-00180 CLA-015-122   "To be Veneer You Bed Frame"
 • Finish : Olive Ash Longwood
 • Size (W x D x H) : 209.50 x 223.50 x 142.25 cm
 • Footboard Height : 58.50 cm
CLA-015-061.jpg 04249-00181 CLA-015-061   "Glow in the Dark Bedside Table"
 • Finish : Olive Ash Longwood and Dark Bronze Metal
 • Size (W x D x H) :  70.50 x 48.25 x 71.75 cm
 • Power Supply Behind Top Drawer Open Area with Puck Light 

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