Dexterton Corporation started in 1962 and was then known as Chesterton Industrial Corporation. Chesterton started out as a hardware store located along Rizal Ave. in Caloocan. In the mid-60s, the company wanted to head into a new direction and adopt a completely new business strategy. This new strategy is to look for top quality products that were better and exceeded those currently available in the market. During that time, most industrial hardware products were of U.S. origin. And very few products of European origin were finding its way into the market during the 1960s.

Dexterton Main Building Quezon City

And so, our focus shifted to countries like Germany, Switzerland, Austria, etc. where there were companies and products that have better quality than US made products. This is also the time when our company determined that whatever product that we will bring in, it must be of high quality and this is the kind of reputation that we want our company to have from now on.