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Biogents BG-Mosquitaire CO²

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When humans exhale, they release carbon dioxide (CO2) into their surroundings making CO2   one of the most important attractants for mosquitoes. The addition of CO2 to Biogents traps enables you to catch a broad range of mosquitoes and other bloodsucking insects. The BG-Mosquitaire CO2  trap uses the same patented capture technology of the Biogents traps with additional use of pure CO2 that is released from a CO2 cylinder (must be sourced separately). The release rate can be adjusted to the local and seasonal conditions with the specialized regulator. We recommend a flow rate of about0.5 kilograms per  day (red marker on the display  of  the regulator) for normal and high mosquito nuisance. These are rough estimations, because the flow rate might vary according to various parameters, e.g. temperature.

Against all mosquito species
The BG-Mosquitaire CO² version is delivered with everything you need to run the trap

With the addition of CO² Biogents traps attract :
• all mosquito species
• other bloodsucking insects such as black flies (Simuliddae), stable flies (Stomaxys), biting midges (Ceratopogoindae), or new world sand flies (Phledbotominae)
• an increased number of the species mentioned above (attracted without CO²)

While the Biogents Mosquito Traps can catch insects upon installation, it may take a few weeks to a few months before you feel any noticeable change in the mosquito population, especially in heavily infested areas.

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* Best Placed Outdoors

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